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Brian Atkinson Hi, I'm Brian Atkinson. I started this site in 1998 when I wrote my very first web page and started putting things out there that amused me and some of my friends. I'm a voice actor, speaker, strategery-interwebz bible guy, and I have a lot of t-shirts. If you're looking for PROFESSIONAL INFORMATION, please visit Brian Atkinson on KINSON.US this is a personal site, and I don't update it very much.

I've got an interesting adoption story you might want to read through and explore some of the other things I've got going.

My career as a well respected stand-up performer and voice actor has been briefly interrupted by my work as an internet professional, IT support, retail manager, radio announcer, janitor, welder, and ice-cream man. My resume is over there on

I grew up near Chicago, in Downers Grove, IL making me a life-long Cubs and Bears fan. I lived in Cheshire, CT for two years, Champaign/Urbana, IL, Los Angeles, CA, and then 20 years in Michigan from Detroit to Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids to Grand Haven. Now I'm near Philadelphia, PA.

Brian Atkinson is not a good bass player I also like to play bass and the harmonica at church or the occasional praise-band at work. I'm not very good, but seriously - don't I look like some kinda rock-star in this picture? For the record, the bass I'm playing is an old fretless yamaha and went for about $150 when it was brand new in the mid 80s. I knew you were curious about that.

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